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Advanced Practice Class Schedule

REIKI III Advanced Practice for the Professional Master Therapist                       $300

Students call and make arrangements for the 30 hours of clinical practice and individualized instruction.  This includes working with clients, theory for the Master Therapist. 

Prerequisite: Reiki I & II 
Class participants will learn advanced application of Reiki for the clinical and  holistic health and wellness .  Theory and practice are included in the course as students will learn methods and indications for various dis-eases and disorders. Theory lectures and hands on experience and applications are included in this course.  Text is included and students receive certification as Reiki III  Master Therapist practitioners. Students will have a minimum of 20 hours Reiki practice at this level for completion of Reiki III.
Ear Candling    August    TBA                                           $15

The technique, also known as coning, safely removes debris, such as flaky skin, bacteria, parasites, small amounts of wax and environmental contaminants such as dirt and dust etc from the ear canal. A long, cone shaped, hollow candle is placed in the ear canal. As the candle burns, it creates an upward vacuum which draws the impurities from the ear canal. Many people find ear coning/candling helpful for the following: 
•Removal of excess ear wax. 
•Improved hearing. 
•Relief from sinus infection symptoms. 
•Upper respiratory allergy relief. 
•Relief or improvement from tinnitus. 
•Relief from itchy ears. 
•To facilitate the flow of catarrh which can then be eliminated from the sinuses. 
•Improvement in ability to breath through nose. 
•Soothes irritated ears or ear aches.