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Linda is a Reiki Master Therapist, reflexologist, natural health coach with a nursing background that has been practicing and advocating Reiki since 1996.  It has been a blend of the alternative or complementary side of health as well as her nurse training that Linda finds to be the key to connecting with clients and helping them to find balance, health, and wellness in their lifestyles. Currently she is working on her studies in mastery of vibrational healing and mediumship

" I enjoy working with people, and I find there is a need for education and more natural focus to the management of chronic health issues and promotion of wellness through more alternative or complementary therapies.  I have a lot of respect for energy healing, whether through meditation or hands on experience.  I would agree that energy work is vital to wellness, and wellness is a passion of mine."  She has been an instructor of Reiki and Health care education since 2003. 

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Barbara 918-237-9686

We partner with other healers to complete your healing needs. 

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Oklahoma Healing  Connection ® 8005 South I 35 Service Road,
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Energy Body Work
Reiki and Reiki classes
Chakra Balancing with Tuning Forks  Ear Seeds
Ear Candling
Wellness and Health Promotion Consultation
Energy Point Tapping / Emotional Freedom Technique​
​The Reiki Study
Therapeutic Wellness Energy Body Work
    Rain Drop Technique 
    Vita Flex Technique 
    Aroma Touch Technique
Intuitive Readings Body Mind, and Spirit, Please ask

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